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PreNatal Massage

Options available:

  • 30 minutes - $50 (30 minutes)
  • 60 minutes - $75 (60 minutes)
  • 90 minutes - $100 (90 minutes)

Also known as a Pregnancy Massage, Prenatal Massage achieves the same goals as a regular massage. It aims to relax and aide in easing sore or tense muscles. However, a prenatal massage is tailored to specifically fit the needs of the expecting mother.  It minimizes stress, promotes relaxation and prepares muscles for childbirth.  Constant body changes during pregnancy create some discomforts. A prenatal massage can help relieve discomforts, including low back pain, headaches, calf cramps, insomnia, sciatic pain, swelling of hands and feet and sinus congestion.   A perfect gift for the mother to be.

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